An important aspect of selling your home may be how well it shows.  A little cosmetic touch up can go a long way.  Here are a few tips that might assist you when listing your property with us:

1.     Remove any and all clutter from the front and rear porches and staircases.


2.     If you really feel you can do it, clean out, clear out, and organize your basement.


3.     Replace light bulbs in basement and hallways.


4.     If you have pets, consider any litter box odor problems or pet odor problems.  A good remedy is to use air fresheners, and scented candles or plug-ins. 


5.     If you have too much furniture, consider downsizing.  Sometimes less is more.  This will make rooms appear bigger and less cramped.


6.     If your woodwork is faded, chipped or stained, a gallon or two of glossy paint will work wonders.


7.     Replace any broken blinds, torn curtains or drapes.


8.     In winter, clear snow from parking and keep walkways as clear as possible.  Buyers can call at any time with varied schedules, and those buyers who are here for one day from out of town will be able to see your property with short notice.


9.     The condition of the exterior of the property should be another consideration.  A little yard work has its benefits.  Trimmed hedges, mowed lawns and clear decks are a big plus.  Keep an eye on pet droppings and messy uncovered trashcans, and of course children's toys.


10.   You might want to pull out any worn out, old or damp musty smelling carpets,

      especially if you have nice hardwood floors. 


11. A general clean up from the attic to windows and kids play area etc will also make a difference.


Using these tips will be an important factor in the sale and marketing of your home.  Any combination of these things can be done with a little effort, elbow grease, and a little money; however; the payoffs can be big.

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