Documentation Needed For a Short Sale.

This is a list of documents the lenders typically request from the seller along with any lender documents for a short sale package:

From Realtor:

  • . Letter of Authorization (signed by seller)
  • . Letter of facts about the property
  • . Market analysis
  • . Photo's (not the glamour shots)
  • . Copy of all showings with dates and feedback
  • . Copy of Listing Contract
  • . Copy of Purchase Contract (if applicable)
  • . Review letter of hardship
  • . Send to Loss Mitigation Department

From Seller:

  • . Two years tax returns with W'2s
  • . Three months bank statements
  • . Current monthly budget
  • . All mortgages Bills with account numbers
  • . Any pending bankruptcy
  • . Last 30 days pay stubs (if applicable)
  • . Hardship letter (make them cry) this should be handwritten by the seller if possible explaining their situation and requesting the lender to do a short sale.
    * Documentation supporting your hardship if the sellers have any, termination letter, disability letter, doctors bills, etc.,

* This list can vary from lender to lender, but this is a general, this is a must!!!

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